Journaling Gratefulness

Is it possible that what my marriage needs is for me to develop more of the character qualities of Christ?

For example, the character quality of attentiveness. Wouldn't I be a better spouse if I had the attentiveness of Christ?

Or how might my marriage intimacy grow if I had the compassion of Christ? What if I had the gratefulness of Christ or the joyfulness of Christ or the self control of Christ?

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Why We Don't...Disciple

In Matthew 28, Jesus gives us what is known as the Great Commission. In it, we’re exhorted to make disciples of all peoples. Wherever we go, we are to make disciples. That’s our commission.

It’s striking, then, that so many in the Western church are neither discipling nor being discipled. Many could claim that they have never in their life been discipled. This is clearly an issue, and I’m so grateful for all the discipleship efforts across our Hope family.


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Why We Don't... Rejoice

There is no question that all of us are after joy. It’s the reason we take medicine, buy cars, visit restaurants, and go to games. It’s joy from the alleviation of suffering or joy from the distraction of general stress. It’s joy from feeling that we’ve accomplished something or joy from feeling we’re worth something. The pursuit of joy continually drives us.

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Why We Don't... Worship

Worship of our King. It’s what we’ll get to do for all eternity. And when we think of what we’ve been saved from now, it’s the natural response. So why aren’t we more consumed with it? Why aren’t we totally enraptured with worship? That’s what I’d like to cover in this next “Why We Don’t” blog series: Why we don’t worship.

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Why We Don't... Raise Our Hands

In my most recent blog in this “Why We Don’t” series, I covered the topic of singing. This time I’d like to hit a related topic: why we don’t raise our hands.

The answer may appear obvious – some of us just don’t prefer to raise our hands. I get that for sure. I used to be in that camp. But I’d like to suggest there may be more to the story.

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Why We Don't... Sing

After covering praying, giving, and witnessing so far in this “Why We Don’t” blog series, the fourth topic may come as a surprise: singing.

It’s not that I’m referring to singing in general… many of us are notorious for belting tunes in the shower. It’s the idea of corporate singing, and specifically, loud corporate singing.

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