You, Me, and Missionary

by Peter Swann


It’s a term that conjures up a lot of thoughts and emotions. We may think of people who are strong, devoted, passionate, and adventurous. Living in a mud hut in the bush or cramped apartment in a sprawling city, they become to us the ultimate reflection of what it means to be a Christian. Or so we think.


Imbedded in this idea is a number of mistruths:

  • Missionaries aren’t necessarily strong.
  • Missionaries aren’t necessarily adventurous.
  • Missionaries aren’t necessarily overseas.
  • And most importantly, no missionary wants to be known as a superstar Christian.

Here’s a truth that counters all of these mistruths:

  •  We’re all missionaries.

There it is. That says it all. That levels the playing field. If every believer is a missionary, the only difference between us and everyone overseas is location.

After all, our commission is the same. We all have the same glorious privilege of being ambassadors of Christ every day. Some of us can claim to be a missionary by profession as well as identity, but all of us are by nature missionaries.

In short, you are either a good missionary or a bad missionary but you can’t not be a missionary.

This is overwhelming to some of us. Our inadequacy issues overrun us and we don’t feel capable. The good news is that that’s what the church is all about, discipling us and raising us up to be ambassadors of Christ wherever we go.

To others of us, this is exhilarating. What is so remarkable about missionaries overseas isn’t that they are missionaries overseas. It’s that they’re faithful. And all of us stateside can live out that same faithfulness in our city and our neighborhood.

Wherever we are around the world, we’re all missionaries. You and me and all of us – we’re one powerful, global group of ambassadors for the glory of our King.