Prayer & Fasting

by Matt Schroeder

The more I think about it, the more amazed I am we already have a long-term team of missionaries going to Africa. We have only been together as a formal church for a little over a year and God is already calling some of us to the ends of the earth for His glory!

I’m also so blessed to say I am apart of a church that would commit to a month of praying and fasting, asking God to do amazing things in and through us. There is a genuine hunger and thirst for God among the Hope family and it’s truly contagious. I have seen God answer many of our prayers over the last few weeks as we’ve sought his face and his glory. The stories keep pouring in of transformation. Let’s keep going to war for God’s kingdom to be advanced!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask us to continue warring for our missionary team who are in Africa RIGHT NOW! They arrived in neighboring country over the weekend and flew into

the place they will be working this morning. They are walking and praying over the streets they will soon live in. This is a very exciting time for our team!

As you pray for our missionaries, please be praying for:

The unity of the missionary team, that God would strengthen the bond between them all. Pray Satan would not be able to bring disunity to the team in any way. 

The Lord to give them a sense of being at home. They will be spending the next two years of their lives in this place. So, let’s ask the Lord to give them great peace as they get to know the land and the people they will soon be living with.

This week in our praying and fasting journey together we are praying: to love God with all we have, fully delighting in and enjoying Him, and to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:28-31).

May God be greatly glorified through our pursuit of Him. Whether we are chasing after him through long-term missions, short-terms missions, prayer, fasting, loving our neighbor, working hard, or whatever else we find ourselves doing. May we all fall more in love with Jesus every day. May Jesus be our greatest treasure. And may God’s glory be our highest aim!