It's Time

by Matt Schroeder

We live in a results oriented culture and society. We live in a place where often times the worth of an individual is defined by what he or she has. We are also excellent at playing the comparison game. It is so easy to look at what another person has and feel the weight of the world pressing on our shoulders, because we do not have what they have. Our sinful flesh, the world, and the devil are all three working together to get our gaze off of Jesus and onto ourselves.

A mindset that has dominated so many of us is, “my life has not really begun until I __________.” Fill in the blank for whatever it is you find yourself believing. Maybe it’s:

“My life has not really begun until I get married.”

“My life has not really begun until I have children.”

“My life has not really begun until I find that job you would consider your career job.”

“My life has not really begun until I reach retirement.”

If you are anything like me, you probably find yourself feeling as if you are simply existing in limbo when you are thinking these types of thoughts. You aren’t really sure what your purpose is or what your worth is in those moments.

Let me take this opportunity to say that these thoughts are lies straight from the mouth of the devil. The enemy is enraged that Christians are redeemed soldiers for God’s kingdom. So, if he no longer owns us in the kingdom of darkness, then his plan is to distract us and cause us to focus on anything but the mission of Christ. The enemy wants us to define our worth and value on what we have and where we are in life. He wants us to think that we haven’t truly started living life until we get where culture says we should be.

The truth is, our lives began the day we were born. And then, our lives began with even greater purpose the day God redeemed us and called us his own! God is not waiting for us to get married, have children, or reach the top of our jobs before he uses us for his kingdom’s advancement. God wants to use us for his glory regardless of our circumstances; or perhaps, in spite of our circumstances.

Men and women need to be discipled in gospel-centered community. The lost need to come to trusting faith in Christ. The poor and sick need to be cared for in Jesus’ name. God isn’t waiting for us to become somebody or be in the right life stage to do those things. He wants us to respond in faith NOW, and trust him with all of those questions.

My hope and prayer is that the Christian community would be one who embraces the cost of following Jesus. May we strive to love him more than anything else!