More Jesus

by Matt Schroeder

So many times in life I feel that my circumstances are the problem. I look at the cards that have been dealt to me and I’m filled with frustrations. I get so caught up in my circumstances simply looking at what I do or don’t have, and I’m doubting whether God truly loves me or not. I think, “If I just had this; If I was just with this person; If I just had this job; If I just didn’t have this issue, then I would be happy.”

What is sad about this is that when I am operating under this “me-centric” framework, I miss the point of my circumstances. Life isn’t about getting all the right things and being in all the right situations. Rather, life is about God’s kingdom advancing, His glory, and my sanctification. And God intends for all three of those things to happen through my circumstances.

What I truly need is more of Jesus. My heart needs to be more captured by the majesty and beauty of my Savior. I don’t need to be in a new place, working a new job, because my selfish heart will grow complacent with that one too and want to be somewhere else. I don’t need to get a spouse and get out of singleness, because my need for love and approval won’t be satisfied in a mate. What my heart so desperately needs is more of Jesus! I can change my circumstances all I want, but my sinful heart follows me everywhere I go. I can’t put myself in a new circumstance and think that I’ll be able to leave an insecure, fearful, passive, idolatrous heart behind me.

What I’m beginning to realize is that my perspective is huge! The lenses I use to interpret my circumstances are of tremendous importance. So, instead of running from whatever circumstance I find myself in, may I sit under it and allow God to do in me whatever it is that He is trying to do. There’s ALWAYS purpose behind the things we walk through. God has a vision for what He wants our lives to look like (Jesus), and He knows that we need to walk faithfully through our various circumstances SO THAT we will look more like Jesus!

Father, I pray that you would pull back the blinders from our eyes and help us see clearly. Help me see what you see. Help me see that my circumstances are not pointless inconveniences; but rather, they are purpose-ridden, God-ordained circumstances where God desires to make much of Himself and transform my life to look more like the life of Jesus.  Father, give me more of Jesus!