by Matt Schroeder

“Because Jesus was extraordinary, I’m free to be ordinary.”

We all want to be somebody. We all want to be known for something special. We want to be known as the athlete, the singer, the one who is really attractive, the one who has memorized tons of scripture, or the one who walks in supernatural gifting. Regardless of how you spin it, we all struggle with the temptation of placing our worth and value based on anything and everything other than Jesus. I think what underlines all of these feelings is a misplaced identity. Specifically within identity, I think it is the fear of not having a glamorous identity. We evaluate our strengths and worth, then compare them to other brothers and sisters and begin to feel an inadequacy of our gifting’s and even our lives. To put it simply, I think we are afraid of being ordinary.

But how can that be the case, if for those who are in Christ we have everything we need for life and godliness? We show and reveal our enslaved heart when we don’t walk in the freedom of the gospel. And what is that freedom? It is Jesus. He is our freedom from bring obsessed over caring what other people think about us.

Life is all about Jesus, amen? You and I are not the point. God does not exist to make much of us. We exist solely to glorify Him. So, if that’s the case and it isn’t about you and me, then who cares if we don’t stack up well to the guy or girl next to us? Jesus was extraordinary! He came and changed the face of the world. He altered the course of history. And if it’s all about him to begin with, then it’s okay that we don’t have this or that gifting.

I genuinely believe Jesus desires we walk in greater levels of freedom every single day. And I believe that one of those areas is walking in the freedom to be ordinary. It’s fear and insecurity that drives us to evaluate ourselves and base our value off of how awesome or not awesome we are.

And when we pursue freedom in this area, we’ll find that we actually aren’t ordinary. Those who are in Christ are coheirs with Jesus. We’ve been adopted as sons and daughters, by whom we cry, Abba, Father (Romans 8:15).

Praying Hope Church is marked by great freedom!


“Because Jesus was extraordinary, I’m free to be ordinary.”