The Biggest Question of All

by Peter Swann

The kids and I have a game that we love to play. It’s called the “For God’s Glory” game. It’s not really a game, at its root, but they enjoy it like it’s a game. It goes something like this:

Me: “Allison, why do we eat?”

Allison: “For God’s glory.”

Me: “Timothy, why do we sleep?”

Timothy: “For God’s glory.”

Me: “Allison, why do we play?”

Allison: “For God’s glory.”

Me: “Timothy, why do we pray?”

Timothy: “For God’s glory.”

Me: “Allison, why do we eat cookies?”

Allison (with a chuckle): “For God’s glory.”

Me: “Timothy, why do you body slam me?”

Timothy (with much laughter): “For God’s glory!”

And on it goes, with me bringing up different parts of their lives, giving them an opportunity to reflect on the fact that it is all for the glory of God. The “game” then finishes with one final triumphant question…

Me: “So why were we created and why do we do all that we do?”

Allison and Timothy together (generally very loudly): “For God’s glory!”

Scripture is clear on this. Isaiah 43 and 60 talk of how the people of Israel were created for God’s glory. Ephesians 1 says that we are saved for His glory. And 1 Corinthians 10:31 states that whatever we do should be for the glory of God. We are here on this planet to bring Him glory.

So on our deathbed, there will only be one question that really matters… only one that really defines our life.

It’s this question: “How much did my life glorify God?”

So for each of us, our commission each day is clear. We are called to bring Him as much glory as possible… by loving Him, enjoying Him, and advancing His Kingdom everywhere we go.

The truth of it, as our kids are learning, is that each moment of each day is an opportunity to bring God glory. So when we rise in the morning, it’s with anticipation and expectation, eager to bring glory to the greatest love of our lives.

For He created us, He sustains us, and the greatest joy of our lives is in glorifying His great name.