Admonitions To the Rich

by Randy Schroeder

Are you rich? Most people I run into don’t think they are rich, no matter how much they have. I regularly run into people with $10-20 million that don’t feel rich. But lets remember to look through a worldwide lens, which will stamp rich on most Americans no matter what we have. That helps prepare us as we consider Paul’s comments to Timothy when he said “instruct those who are rich…..”  I Tim 6:17

So what would you tell Timothy to tell rich people? What is it that “we” need?  Evidently we are going to first be tempted to be arrogant because he told him to instruct them not to be conceited. I have a client that just heard his pastor preach on this verse and the client went up to the pastor after the service and said, I give you the open door to call me out if you see arrogance in me. That is amazing and powerful to ask those around us to tell us if they see pride or arrogance in us. Tell your wife/husband the same thing. Paul went on to say not to put your hope in the uncertainty of riches. So evidently we are going to tend to do that. I can attest to that temptation. I need to be reminded that money is uncertain, no matter how much of it I have. My flesh so wants it to be certain rather than uncertain. He goes on to say that we should enjoy the money that God has entrusted to us(keeping in mind that it is His money and we are just a steward). So we don’t need to feel guilty about having money, but rather be grateful. And then he told the rich to be generous.  I am not sure exactly how much one has to give to be generous but it is probably more than the 2-3% the average U.S. believer is giving. 

So let's step up our dialogue with one another about how we are doing with these 4 admonitions to the rich – you and me.