It's Time To Celebrate

Peter Swann

If angels were walking among us, I think they’d say there’s far too little celebration in the world. Far too little singing, and dancing, and outright rejoicing. I think they’d say that we are a people who have never really learned to celebrate.

Angels should know, after all. They know the presence of God in a manifestation we haven’t yet experienced. They have heard His voice and beheld His glory. And they… they know how to celebrate.

Celebration, after all, is intrinsic to worship. It’s not that worship always feels celebratory in nature – sometimes it happens through gritted teeth. But worship is a celebration of our Lord, who He is, and what He’s done in the gospel. And that never changes.

But the truth is that worry drowns out our worship. The hectic pace, the never-ending task list, the overwhelming demands… they pull us down rather than lift us up. And when circumstances determine our celebration, celebration often loses.

Yet in the gospel there is always celebration. For any believer, no real reflection on the gospel can ever result in anything but celebration. And that’s why the angels celebrate, for they see God for who He is… majestic, sovereign, and on His throne. They see who He is and what He’s done, and they know that the war has been decided even though it’s still going on.

So while we worry, the angels worship. While drowning in concern, they are enveloped in celebration. If they could tell us, they’d say we should join them. If we could hear them, we’d definitely want to.

The gospel beckons – celebration calls. It’s time to hear what the angels would say.