Superfluous or Holy?

Peter Swann

We know we need it, yet few attain it. We desire it, yet shut it out. We like it, except live like we don’t. That’s how rest is.

In the midst of our fast-paced society, rest has become optional, even superfluous. We have shoved it into the margins of life, relegating it to our left-overs. We have somehow forgotten that rest is holy.

When God created the world, He rested. When He gave ten commandments, He commanded rest. And in His Son, we find an invitation to rest. Rest is holy, rest is righteous, rest is God-honoring… and as such, rest is not optional.

Rest is to be cherished, enjoyed, and pursued. It must become a prized possession, something we fight for and cling to. Rest must dominate our affections because it gives glory to our greatest affection.

The reality is that we don’t take rest seriously enough. Our cultural value on productivity is trumping our scriptural value on rest. And as a result, we are tired… so very tired. Living as if life depends on us has caught up to us.

So God invites us to rest, because He invites us to trust. Our ability to rest is linked to our ability to trust, and it’s time to trust. It’s time to trust our Father, and rest. It’s time to release it to Him, and just rest.

May God rewire us, and our priorities. May He take the superfluous and make it central. May He help us fight for rest, for rest is holy.