Child-like Faith

by Matt Schroeder

Johnny Manziel’s last game at home before he “takes his talents to the NFL.” Lebron James quote for you there.

My first time to see Johnny Football live in-person.

The last home game at Kyle Field before the stadium renovations take place.

Four tickets in some of the best seats in the whole stadium.

Three other incredible friends to fill those spots with.

A day that was building out to be an Aggies’ dream come true. Only one problem. A sinus infection that left me wishing someone would end me right then and there.

The infection could not have come at a worse time for me. I had been looking forward to this day for a couple weeks leading up to the big day. I thought, “out of all 365 days in a year, it comes the day before I enjoy God through something I had been looking forward to for so long.”

What I would later find out was, it was not random or by chance I was humbled to the bed, thinking I wouldn’t be able to stand up for a week. Rather, God was intentional. God was purposeful. God was tactful.

God is not random. God is not coincidental. If the devil schemes evil for our lives, how much more does God scheme good for our lives? We just have to realize sometimes that “good” doesn’t always look like “good.”

The night before the game, I call the friends who I was going with to let them know I won’t be able to attend, two dear friends my age, and one precious 7 year-old boy who is passionate about his Aggies.

Disappointment fell on my friends when they learn I can no longer partake in the incredible day.

However, disappointment did not fall on this angel wrapped in a 7 year-olds’ body named, Dylan. Rather, faith fell on him.

When Dylan’s mom told him I could not go to the game, his response was, “O no! Well we HAVE to pray for Mr. Matt RIGHT NOW so that God will heal him and then he can go to the game with us tomorrow!!!”

The family prayed for God to heal me right then and there. I woke up the next morning without a trace of a sinus infection and head pressure swept straight out the window.

It was easily the most radical displays of healing I’ve experienced for myself. I’ve seen great acts of healing take place, but never on myself.


So, why tell you all this?

Well, my point is not to bang the gong of healing and get everyone jacked-up on Mount Dew. Although what happened truly was an act of God and GOD needs to be celebrated!

My point is not to call our attention necessarily to the result, but to the response of the little boy who had the faith the size of a mustard seed.

My first, gut, instinct reaction to many things in life is, “oh well, we tried. Oh bummer you aren’t going to be able to go anymore. Oh well, that’s just the way it is. Oh well, that’s just the cards that have been dealt to me.”

What God showed me through Dylan this past weekend was not that I should expect every single time for God to perform miracles and give me what I’m asking for, but that I should turn to him every single time in faith, knowing that He has the ability to do anything.

Jesus tells us that we have to be like little children if we want to inherit the kingdom of God. I think that means a lot of different things, but I think one of the main things it means is that they simply believe! They believe what you tell them is truth and then they act on it.

One of the things I’ve noticed being the children’s director the last 8 months at church is that kids don’t understand sarcasm until they get to a certain age. Whatever you tell them, that’s what they believe to be true. They don’t understand why you would say some things and be serious, and then others things are not serious. “It was just a joke.” In their minds, that’s called lying!

My faith has been strengthened to turn to Jesus in EVERY situation, not just “the big moments” of life. He’s our Father. He loves us. He wants us to turn to him in faith.

Don’t think there is something too small for God to care about. He’s in the details.

Walk away with a passion for more child-like faith. Faith to BELIEVE GOD AT HIS WORD! When He says something, He means it!