A Great Dad

by Anne Kemp

Every time I was about to head to A&M, the car packed full, just about to put it in reverse - my Dad would stop me.  He’d have me pop the hood, check the oil and fluids in the car and then he’d come to my window, give me a kiss and hand me a $20 bill for emergencies.  (We had no cell phones back then!).  My dad did everything he could to let me know I was cared for.

My dad was an executive at large company here in Houston.  He had assistants, meetings and a very busy work day.  However, everyone who worked with him knew that if one of his kids called, we were to be put through.  No questions asked.  If it wasn’t an emergency, he would ask if he could call me back.  One thing I knew though was that my Dad was accessible. My Father made sure I knew he was there for me and that I was a priority.

I learned the importance of people and relationships from watching my Dad.  Our house was the center of activity for so many church groups, school friends and impromptu parties.  My Dad’s big leather chair was also the scene of many, many late night conversations with people who needed counsel.  My dad valued spending time with people.  He always told me that “things” go away but what we invest in others never dies.

My Father was protective, available, and he was passionate about people and relationships.  He was an amazing Dad.  I know that I was blessed by his example.  The heart of my heavenly Father was so beautifully modeled for me by my earthly dad.  I trusted my dad.  I counted on him and I knew he would always be there for me until the day he died.  It made trusting my heavenly Father so simple. 

If you had a Father who was unprotective, harsh, inaccessible or distant, I urge you to press in to your heavenly Father to allow your heavenly Father to repair and replace your idea of a Father’s heart.  The reality of God’s “Father heart” for you is that He wants you to trust Him.  To KNOW He will not fail you; to KNOW He will not ever leave you or walk away from you; to KNOW He will protect and care for you.

We give such lip service in our Christian communities to the idea of trusting God.  Most of the time, though, we live a life full of trying to fix things ourselves, worrying about the outcomes and living in fear.  Our words say we trust Him but our actions belie those words. 

It’s so important for us to have a right view of His heart for us.  You see, one way or another we influence others with our view.  If we have children, they see our idea of the Fatherhood of God modeled.  If we are discipling others, it passes down to our spiritual children.  Having a right picture of God’s Father-Heart is vital for every single one of us.

The Father’s heart for you is one of tenderness, compassion, protection and love.  He will discipline us as any caring father must, because He wants us to know the truth.  He wants us to know the truth that He is faithful to His Word, He is trustworthy and He is good.  If you struggle with grasping the heart of your heavenly Father, I urge you to spend time with Him and ask Him to show you how much He loves you.  He loves you like a good Father.  He thinks of you constantly and is always for your good.  He will not fail you.  He longs for relationship with you.  He longs for time to talk with you, time to share His heart with you.  You cannot know your Father’s heart if you don’t make time for Him.  Make time for Him to share WITH you His heart FOR you.  He really is a great Dad.