At Hope, home groups are our primary vehicle for building community, developing discipleship relationships, and facilitating missions.

As we live life together centered around God's Word, we are changed and become agents of change in others. We believe this change in us happens well in smaller community, and nothing helps us let our guard down like being in homes. It is also within groups that Biblical community is lived out on a daily basis.

Members of our home groups meet each other’s physical needs, minister to one other spiritually, help carry each others' burdens, and share in the joys of life together. We are authentic and real with each other. We hope this leads toward deep discipleship and accountability in our lives. We also pray this helps us engage in missions and advance the Kingdom right out of our homes.

Want to Visit a Group?

Groups are geographically-based and we have several groups in our city. Groups meet on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. To learn more or to visit a group, please contact Daniel Rieke.