We love membership, and we love covenant membership... an opportunity to journey with others as we seek to be authentic, devoted followers of Jesus.

We live for God's glory, and He is glorified as we live in community with other followers of Jesus. We give to each other, pray for each other, and disciple each other. We believe God calls His followers to love each other deeply in the context of a local church body. It is a privilege to be in covenant with each other.

What is covenant membership?

A good way to think about church membership is this: formally linking arms with a group of other Christians in pursuit of ongoing spiritual growth and repentance, while submitting to spiritual oversight from a group of elders in the context of a local church body. We covenant together as we reflect how deeply we support each other in our journey of pursuing Jesus.

How do I become a covenant member at Hope Church?

To learn more about covenant membership at Hope, please join us for our next membership class. During that time, we will share more about Hope and we would love to answer any questions you have.