Randy's Story

I grew up primarily in southwest Houston and was fortunate that my parents knew about a fun summer camp called Camp Peniel. It was mainly the influence of those "cool" counselors that led me into a relationship with Christ at 11 years old. My last year in high school turned out to be a radical turning point in my life as I met my wife, and was challenged by some devoted followers of Christ to make my life count for the Kingdom of God, and no longer seek the world's way of living. That was the perfect lead in to college where I met some other devoted Christ followers. I knew I was in over my head when they challenged me to start a Bible study in my fraternity. But with their help, I jumped in and began experiencing the joy and growth of being on the front line of the battle to advance the Kingdom of God.

After college I went into banking for 11 years, became a Certified Financial Planner, got married, and started having children. We have 3 children that are all grown and out of the house. And then the next radical turning point happened at 33 years old. I quit my job, moved to Atlanta, started a brand new career in Wealth Management, and also started seeing some real cracks in my marriage. But God was faithful to bring me the help I needed for my marriage, and He moved Staci and I back to Houston to open a branch office of Ronald Blue & Co.

So the last 20 years have been poured into making disciples, first of my children, and then a variety of other men along the way. I have learned a lot from doing things the wrong way and now I am ready to try out the discipleship on grandkids and our wonderful Hope Church family.