Peter's Story

I had the amazing gift of growing up in East Africa as the son of missionaries. My parents are some of my heroes and I fell in love with our global God and with the African people.

After returning to the States, I finished junior high and high school in Mississippi before college at the University of Southern Mississippi. That's where I met Shauna, and just after we got married, we moved to San Francisco. My Master of Divinity degree from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary took a few years, and in that time we had the privilege of helping plant a church. We then moved to a mud hut in South Sudan, going back to my African roots in getting to engage the Jur tribe with the gospel.

After we learned the local language, Shauna worked as a nurse and teacher while I led an oral Bible school for church leaders. Our two years there were a powerful, shaping time in our lives. When we returned to the States, I had the privilege of becoming Executive Director of Every Village, a nonprofit missionary organization working in South Sudan. I was also blessed to complete a Doctor in Intercultural Studies degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

The journey with Hope Church has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. Shauna, our three kids, and I deeply love our Hope family and thank God from the bottom of our hearts for the joy of this journey together.