God has placed us in Houston, and we are thankful. We love our city. And we long to be a church that reflects the love of God to our city and our world.

This flows from God's love for us through His son, Jesus. It is the gospel - Jesus' life, death, and resurrection - which has changed us. It is His grace and mercy which have filled us with hope and purpose. We strive to be an authentic group of diverse followers of Jesus who simply reflect His gospel.

We see His gospel in the Bible. And we very simply long to see our church reflect the church of the Bible. It's why we walk in community, joyfully pouring into each other's lives as we journey together. In the process, we see God move in power, and we are changed. 

Our mission statement is simply this: We exist to glorify God in the advance of His Kingdom through our faithfulness to Him. We live for God, not ourselves, and long for Him to be glorified in our lives. This happens as we walk faithfully with Him, journeying together with our Hope family in that reflection of His gospel to our city and our world. In the process, others are touched and changed as God's Kingdom engages their hearts, just as it did with ours.